THE GUARDTECH GROUP offer a quick, more flexible and cost-effective alternative to their larger range of turnkey and modular cleanroom construction solutions.

Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms come in standardised models, are made from stock held by Guardtech and are available for ‘flat-pack’ delivery – with the option for self-assembly installation.

Isopod is a revolutionary concept in modular cleanroom design & build. Isopods are high-performance controlled environments, which can be self-assembled and are fully customisable to best utilise the host room they are installed within. They come in three base model types – Hardwall (Shell), Softwall (Flexi) and a combined version featuring both Hardwall panels and Softwall PVC strip curtain (Hybrid).

Combining high-quality construction materials with state-of-the-art cleanroom technology, Isopods are the perfect solution to upgrading production environments, R&D applications, Education or Healthcare facilities in a sustainable, practical and cost-effective way.

Isopods come in five standard module sizes – 2x3m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m and 5x3m – with the option of an additional standard 1×1.5m PAL (Personnel Airlock) and 2×1.5m MAL (Materials Airlock).

But you can choose to link as many modules as you need in any multi-pod configuration to suit the specific requirements of your application.

Isopods can be reconfigured, relocated, extended and upgraded – growing alongside your business, evolving with your needs. Shipped worldwide ready for quick and simple self-assembly, supported by full installation instructions and demonstration clips. Alternatively, these can be delivered & installed quickly by the Guardtech Group’s experienced Isopod engineers.

Fancy something a bit more bespoke?

Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms are designed to be super-quick off-the-shelf solutions. But the Guardtech Group understands that every application is different – with specific needs, functions and processes.

That’s why we offer fully bespoke Isopods alongside the standard range. Our team of experienced Isopod Design Engineers will work with you to tailor the perfect quick-assembly cleanroom to cover all your process requirements.

Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms Contact Us

Got your eye on one of our standard Isopod models? Or perhaps you require something more bespoke? Whatever your needs, get in touch with the Isopod team today and let us take you on a journey towards rapid cleanroom success.

Hardwall Cleanroom Isopod Shell

The Isopod Shell Rapid Cleanroom is the ideal Hardwall solution for any user that needs a robust critical environment quickly, yet doesn’t have the time, budget or space to opt for a more comprehensive modular or turnkey construction project.


Isopod Flexi is the Guardtech Group’s range of Softwall cleanrooms. These intelligently designed pods, which can be installed on castors for unrivalled mobility, allow users to transfer larger items and various types of equipment in and out of the process space with ease.

Dual Genus Cleanroom Isopod Hybrid

Isopod Hybrid delivers the flexibility and accessibility of equipment and materials transfer that the Guardtech Group’s range of Softwall cleanrooms offer, with the increased control provided by Hardwall models, allowing for pressurisation and reduced risk of ingress.