HYBRID Isopods provide the perfect blend of Hardwall protection with the flexibility of Softwall PVC strip curtain.

Ideal for applications where classification and pressurisation is critical yet co-ordination with external areas is key.

Isopod Hybrid cleanrooms deliver the flexibility and accessibility of equipment and materials transfer that Softwall cleanrooms offer, with the increased control provided by Hardwall cleanrooms, allowing for part pressurisation and reduced risk of ingress.

Hybrids comes in five standard base model sizes – 3x2m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m, 3x5m. Whether it’s just one process room pod you need, a process room and Personal Airlock (PAL) or a multi-pod configuration, simply add as many Isopod units together as you want to create the perfect quick-assembly ‘cleanroom pod network’.

The ceiling is comprised of the same robust GT Shell Lite panels, which are specially configured to seamlessly incorporate all GT Flow Plus Fan Filter Units (FFUs) and GT Lux Plus LED lighting panels.

Below is a representation of what a user can expect from a standard Isopod Hybrid – however, the Guardtech team are on hand to help you tailor your Isopod to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Isopod Hybrid Model Technical Data

Key Information

  • Branding Printed vinyl graphics or full wraps on request
  • Sizes 3x2m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 4x4m, 3x5m* (all standard sizes – bespoke options also available)
  • Personnel Airlock 1.5×1.5m* (On 4x4m model – PAL is 1.5x2m)
  • Material Airlock 1.5x2m*
  • Classifications ISO6, 7, 8, CNC* (Bespoke ISO5 and cGMP models also available)
  • Ceiling Height 2.1m* (Bespoke heights available)
  • Furniture Full fit-out available. To view the range click here
  • Equipment Full fit-out available. To view the range click here
  • Power & Network 2 x 13amp sockets. Fuse board included.* (Additional 13-amp sockets and CAT6A data ports available in bespoke configurations)
  • Lighting 600 x 600mm LED lighting panels.* Surface-mounted panels. (Flush-mounted LED and 1200 x 600mm available as bespoke option)
  • Filtration GT Flow Plus AC Fan Filter Units with roomside change and gel seal
  • Air Conditioning Not available as standard. For more information on the different HVAC options available, please consult a member of the Isopod team
  • *Standard model option

Structural Features

  • External Shell GT Shell Lite PIR insulated composite panels – 50mm thickness.* GT Strip Max PVC strip curtain (available in width range of 100mm – 400mm, 1mm to 4mm thickness. Fire resistant and ant-static variants available)
  • Shell Colour RAL9003 (white) – 25 micron powder-coated mild steel
  • Branding Printed vinyl graphics or full wraps on request
  • Frame Standard Isopod framework is 304 stainless steel. A more lightweight aluminium frame option is available as a bespoke option. The framework is held together by specially made connectors, designed solely for these products and tested rigorously by Guardtech’s highly experienced in-house engineers
  • Walls & Ceiling GT Shell Lite 50mm PIR insulated powder-coated modular composite panels
  • Doors GT Access Plus single semi-flush with pressure relief valve and push-pull handles* (bespoke lever and latch handle also available). 300x600m glazing panel as standard* (other options available bespoke. Rapid rise door also available as bespoke option)
  • Windows Two per Isopod: sized 800x800m* (bespoke options available)
  • Flooring No flooring as standard. (GT Deck Lite vinyl tiles can be added to order)
  • Monitoring GT Scan Lite Digihelic* (Digital EMS can be added as bespoke option)

Technical Data Sheet GT Strip Max

The Guardtech Group offer a superior PVC strip curtain solution for our range of Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms Softwall models, ensuring your process requirements are achieved in the most stylish yet practical manner possible.

Configurator Build Your Own Isopod

Tailor your perfect rapid-assembly controlled environment solution with our Isopod configurator tool. Modify the elements your Isopod needs to meet the specific requirements of your application – from classification, temperature and humidity controls to the type of doors or lux level you want.

We’ve streamlined the process so you can quickly and efficiently order the Isopod Rapid Cleanroom you need to take your operations to the next level.

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