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Guardtech’s revamped three-part aftercare focus ensures all your cleanroom bases are covered

Suffolk-based construction experts offering elite Service Agreements, Decontamination programmes and cleanroom-grade furniture & equipment as part of their holistic packages

THE GUARDTECH GROUP are offering clients a stellar three-pronged aftercare service that they hope will convince new customers they’re with them for the long term.

 The Haverhill-based controlled environment construction specialists have revamped their Service Department with the addition of Operations Co-ordinator Cassey Evans, while Business Development Managers Steve Bawa (North) and Jack Pummell (South) will also be supporting clients across the breadth of the country with their agreements.

 The trio will also help to provide Decontamination programmes, from bi-yearly facility visits right through to weekly or daily deep cleans, whilst delivering a wide range of high-performance cleanroom-grade furniture & equipment solutions to the Guardtech Group’s ever-expanding customer base.

 Evans is looking forward to building on the Group’s long-lasting reputation for excellence in the cleanroom industry.

 “We have a fantastic team here at Guardtech, providing a variety of top-quality aftercare services,” she said. “We want to take on the burden of maintaining, cleaning and fitting out our clients’ cleanrooms, utilising the wealth of experience we have in the business to offer first-class solutions.

 “The Guardtech Group construct so many amazing facilities each year for some really inspirational applications – but they need to be able to focus on doing what they do, to stay on top of what’s important.

 “That’s where we come in – we’re here to support with all that ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff. Whether it’s filter changes, HVAC maintenance, structural repairs, testing of separative devices – these things are critical for the successful operation of a cleanroom and we’re here to ensure that our clients’ process is never compromised.”

 The Guardtech Group offer comprehensive Cleanroom Service Plans, usually over one, three or five-year cycles.

 These wide-ranging agreements include a number of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) options, including HVAC upgrades, general repairs, filter integrity testing, gauge calibration and Environmental Monitoring System and Building Management System servicing.

 As well as standard cleanroom validations and post-build commissioning, the Group’s Service Department offer a wide range of testing, including temperature, humidity, lux and noise level testing.

 The Decontamination Team offer everything from builders’ cleans and pre-validation cleans through to hydrogen peroxide fogging, bioburden testing and complex bespoke deep clean packages.

 While the Group’s furniture & equipment options from range from high-performance stainless steel racking, stepover benches, lockers and cabinets through to sinks, motion-sensor taps, Dyson Airblade hand dyers, transfer hatches, laminar flow units and biosafety cabinets.

 BDM Pummell is urging any potential clients in need of aftercare support to get in touch, adding that the Guardtech team are ready to offer a rapid response in helping with any operational cleanroom needs.

 “There are a number of different factors that go into a well-run controlled environment,” he said. “Having properly decontaminated process spaces is one – and having the appropriate cleanroom-grade hardware is another. But if the room isn’t performing as it should be, you’ll always be on the backfoot.

 “We’re here to help our clients meet and surpass all those potential hurdles – and ensure the brilliant work they do is never compromised by the environment in which they’re working.

 “If your facility needs some TLC, or your furniture & equipment is a little tired or not up to the standard it should be, please get in touch and we’ll help to address any issues you have.”

 For more information on the Guardtech Group’s aftercare services, call 0330 113 0303, email sales@guardtech.com or visit www.guardtechgroup.com.