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Choose a Guardtech Decontamination package to help your facility shine

Cleanroom construction specialists providing comprehensive bespoke Decon offering as part of their Cleanroom Service Plan

WHATEVER YOUR controlled environment Service & Maintenance needs, the Guardtech Group have got you covered.

 Whether that’s testing, validation, on-going maintenance, HVAC servicing or critical repairs – if it’s part of your cleanroom, a Guardtech Cleanroom Service Plan will help to take care of it.

 But when it comes to wider Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), ensuring standards are met and operations aren’t compromised, there aren’t many factors more important than regular high-performance decontamination.

 That’s why the Guardtech Group provides a comprehensive package of decon services – which can either be secured as part of a Cleanroom Service Plan or scheduled separately.

 The Guardtech Group Decontamination Team work to GMP standards and are specialists in restoring control to critical environments, offering bespoke cleaning programmes and comprehensive multi-stage cleaning as and when required.

 Guardtech’s well-trained and experienced operatives follow client SOPs and use specific validated chemicals and equipment when required, with the two most senior leaders of the team boasting 30 years’ experience in decontamination.

 Sarah Mayes, Guardtech’s Decontamination Programme Manager, is urging any businesses in need of support to get in touch with the team and discover the type of packages on offer.

 “When it comes to decontamination, there really isn’t anything we can’t do,” she said. “Our packages are so comprehensive now – we really do try to cater for as wide a range of needs as possible.

 “We work with so many amazing applications carrying out such vital work that we know how critical it is to have all bases covered in terms of decon.”

 From builders’ cleans and pre-validation cleans to biocidal/sporicidal cleans, the Guardtech Group Decon Team are certified to work at height (IPAF PAL card holders).

 They can conduct full microbiological/bioburden testing with TSA & SDA plates and pre-clean and post-clean contact plate testing, as well as cleanliness verification tests with full reporting.

 But that’s not all – because for ultimate peace of mind, Guardtech provide a hydrogen peroxide fogging service, either as part of their Cleanroom Service Plan or a Decon-only Programme.

 The Decon Team utilise EndoSan SHP dry misting technology – proven to achieve greater than log 5 reduction (99.999%) in bacteria and at least a log 3 (99.9%) reduction in virus of the coronavirus family.

 Mrs Mayes added: “We have a growing list of amazing clients based all over the UK – but we have no intention of resting on that. We offer a fantastic service and we want to partner with even more leading Life Sciences business’ in the future.”

 Guardtech are inviting any existing or potential new clients that wish to discuss a consolidated PPM contract for all utilities and plant serving their cleanroom to email service@guardtech.com or call 0330 113 0303 so a member of the Guardtech team can take them through their options.

 For more information on the different aspects of the Guardtech Group’s total cleanroom package, visit www.guardtech.com.