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Keep your facility up to standard with Guardtech’s Decontamination Team

Cleanroom construction specialists helping clients shine with their high-performance deep clean programmes

DECONTAMINATION is critical – no matter what you do in your cleanroom. But for some businesses, a regular high-performance clean could potentially save thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds in spoiled stock, disrupted process, debilitating delays or failure to achieve MHRA approval.

 It can mean the difference between a good reputation and a bad one – it can help to protect the quality of your product, smooth running of your operations and, more importantly still, the welfare of your staff.

 And while some firms are prepared to take on the burden of regular deep cleans, cleanroom maintenance and controlled environment servicing, there’s nothing quite as reassuring as hiring some professional assistance.

 That’s why an ever-increasing number of Guardtech’s clients are turning to the Guardtech Group Decontamination Team to support their deep clean needs.

 Decontamination Manager Lee Burton heads up the Haverhill-based cleanroom construction company’s first-class ‘clean team’ alongside Programme Manager Sarah Mayes.

 They have more than 30 years’ combined experience decontaminating facilities from a diverse range of industries – from Aerospace to Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals to Micro-Electronics. They’ve also conducted and overseen deep clean programmes in hospital sterile services, compounding pharmacies and other Healthcare providers.

 Mr Burton may only have joined Guardtech a matter of months ago, but he’s already feeling at home at the family company.

 He has a rich history of working at several successful decontamination departments alongside Ms Mayes – and the duo are now looking to use their vast experience to take the Guardtech Group’s offering to another level.

 “It’s been great,” he says, “a great opportunity for Sarah and I to demonstrate our skills and show what we can bring to the company, growing the department.”

 Guardtech’s Decon Team offer a diverse programme of deep clean services across the whole of the UK, depending on each individual client’s needs – including builders’ cleans, pre-validation cleans, biocidal/sporicidal cleans, microbiological/bioburden testing with TSA & SDA plates – and re-clean and post-clean contact plate testing.

 The Decon Team are certified to work at height (IPAF PAL card holders), work to GMP standards, offer cleanliness verification tests with full reporting and provide either standard packages or more bespoke comprehensive multi-stage cleaning programmes as and when required when required, following client SOPs and using specific validated chemicals and equipment when required.
 Of the countless facilities Mr Burton has worked in over the years, some of the largest have had a footprint of more than 2,000sqm.

 He’s seen and done it all in the deep clean game, with jobs big and small, some more straightforward, some requiring great skill and knowhow, and he appreciates just how critical his role is in helping clients stay on top of their standards.

 “We’ve got a vital job to do here – human beings, and our processes, are the biggest contaminants to a cleanroom or controlled environment,” he continues. “To maintain a high level or grade, a high level of clean will always be required – to remove the build-up of skin cells and other particulate that can cause issues.

 “There are many cleans which can be difficult to conduct – a multiple stage sterile clean (usually three or four stages) can be hard work due to the repetition of the stages.

 “A builders’ or commissioning clean also can be hard due to the high levels of contamination and visible marks to be removed.

 “Some sterile suites in hospitals are more challenging to clean, as the areas can be very small, with lots of rooms.

 “Also, when we have to use a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) to do high-level cleaning – this can pose us various obstacles to overcome, but we always find a way to deliver the best result possible.”

  Guardtech are currently offering a promotion to attract new customers – their ‘first clean is free’ if they agree to take out a package of at least four visits.

 And Mr Burton is confident the Decon Team have the skill, knowledge and expertise to set them apart from their deep clean competitors.

 “It’s the level of service we provide that really elevates our offering,” he adds. “That’s what leads to repeat work.

 “With many of our customers, we’ve been working with them for more than a decade – and again, this often leads to new enquiries from recommendations from existing customers.”

 And what about taking the deep clean hassle away from clients – why are the Guardtech Group Decon Team so appealing to anyone with a cleanroom in need of regular TLC?

 “Many people struggle to maintain the consistency they really need in regards to their in-house cleaning, often having to pay overtime to people who don’t really want to carry out the work,” he adds.

 “We take that burden off their hands, complete everything to the highest level and provide a fully auditable documented report. Which is crucial to any external audits.”

 For more information on the Guardtech Group Decon Team, call 0330 113 0303, email sales@guardtech.com or visit www.guardtech.com.